Exploration of My Life

So we all tend to do the exact same activities repeatedly. We are after all creatures of habit. As I am on the cusp of finishing my B.A. I realize that I will have time again for me. Last night I went to meet a group of people who sketch. They met at a beautiful park I have wanted to see and while I can doodle I am certainly not talented, but I thought why not. New people, park on a blanket, draw, relax. It did not disappoint at all. The people were very welcoming. My doodles were fun and relaxing. The sun was so warm on my back, and the park was alive with couples doing engagement photos, ultimate Frisbee, and church groups gathered with music that made you want to get up and say "PRAISE JESUS". It was a beautiful night.

So why do we not venture out into the unknown? What are we afraid of? As kids we ran up to someone and said "Do you want to play?" with no fear. We ran all over, we played hide and seek, we  sang at the top of our lungs. Now as adults we are so fearful of looking silly, of someone we do not know judging us. I am asking you to think about this. If someone we do not know judges us and does not tell us they are judging us what does it really matter to us?

Life is short. You have heard it before. Day by day, minute by minute though it seems like it goes on forever. It does not. I have mastered my photography, I have practiced (not mastered) my writing, and I have learned to knit, crochet, and many other artistic hobbies. I am at a time where I have the luxury to explore my life. My kids are in their 20's and can handle their lives without me. (Though my daughter will tell you otherwise) It is my period of my life where I am thrilled to meet new people, to learn new mediums, to explore my life.

April is National Poetry Month and I am going to attempt the napowrimo challenge of 30 poems in 30 days. Who knows maybe this will fuel my love of writing poetry again. I think trying new things opens the soul that much more. We close ourselves off to much. We stay home, we do not talk to stranger, we live in our little hut, and we miss so much. So I am joining a sketch group, I am taking some new painting classes, I am learning to love writing poems again. I am exploring my life and awaking my artistic soul. School has been amazing, but it tends to be rigid. I need a little exploration in my life. Don't you?

Happy Exploring!!!
your storyteller/poet

PS I will be posting the poems on my site, but due to work and school it will probably one time a week, but I look forward to exploring poetry month with you :D

If you want to join in the poem a day:  http://www.napowrimo.net/


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