Photo Walk & Women

So I am doing a local photo walk for women. I feel that there is a need for empowering women in environment that includes their passion of photography. We will spend an hour walking around town or 1.5 hours. Everyone will wander back at their leisure where we will have a photo booth set up, food set up, and we can use laptops to upload, share, and what not. We will have place settings that says, I am enough, I am beautiful, Spread the kindness in your heart, and other positive affirmations. We will write them for someone who we just met and give it to them as a reminder that we are all here to build each other up and not knock each other down.

Here is my blurb on the website:
1st Annual Women's Photobug Day!!! Saturday April 23 at the 567 Center for Renewal in Macon. 1-4 PM. All women who love taking photos with any type of camera,,even phone ones, are welcome. Going to be taking photos from 1-2 then sharing and uploading. Will be a $10 fee to cover room and other things.( total is $11.54 with service fee) Bring some food to share. 30 women total.
Why: to build a strong community of like minded women who love lifting each other up and have a passion for photography.
When: Sat April 23rd 1-4
What: Photo walk, followed by sharing,learning, and food. ( Bring something to share)
What to bring: food to share, your camera, comfortable shoes, laptop (if you want to upload and share photos with all of us or a few of us, camera of some sort, props you might one in your photos or for the photo booth we set up together. grin emoticon
Who: 30 photography loving women
Because: We need to build each other up and share in a community of like minded women.
Spread the word!!!
This is going to be a great day...let me say....YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

I love photography. I want to build woman up. Society knocks us down repeatedly and I want to be the pebble making the ripple of change. Yes its only 30 woman, but what I hope they take with them is a sense of empowering others. By sharing food I hope to connect the ladies through breaking bread. I am asking everyone to bring something to share. I am making something and supplying plates and such.

I am hoping to do this twice a year, but let us see how this one goes first. If you have any ideas, tips, have done anything like this, I would love to hear from you. I hope this inspires others of you to be the pebble. If you see something wrong, do something, even small to be the change we need to be stronger, amazing, go getter women.

With all that said I hope you ALL have an amazing day. You are perfect just the way you are!!!

your storyteller/poet

One of my favorite Polaroids :D


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