Third place in Communities

So yes once again I am on my soap box about the third place. If you have not followed my insanity about the third place let me say it is Ray Oldenburg's theory about how people need a home space, work space, and third place. The third place is a space where community come together to relax in a communal space and talk freely to whomever, to connect to society, to meet new people, and to just be.

Last night I went to a meeting about new third spaces and mobile third places. I went to a meeting held by Macon Connects. Here is the link about what they are trying to do if you would like to look.

New Town Macon & Macon Connects

Basically the whole meeting was two amazing speakers talking about how to improve Macon to a place where people want to come, sit, enjoy and connect. How to make Macon a great third place. The speakers talked about store fronts, markets in town, bike lanes, connectivity.

Another talked about 8 80. How to make spaces attractive to 8 year old's and 80 year old's. Which I have to say is a really cool concept. Here is a link to their blog if you would like to peek at it.


These three organizations are doing some makeover in Macon in Sept. and I cannot wait. I love the idea of a mobile third place. Basically the mobile third place is my take on their pop up gardens, seating areas, plants, stores, and markets. They will move things around the city and see where things work. We will have mobile third places.

One of the main things Macon wants to do is make the city more walking/bike riding friendly. I of course had to go to the meeting and hope to be involved more. While I live about 20 min, south of Macon, I do work there and love the feel of the place. The buildings are being made into beautiful new lofts, and a gym, and numerous other places for people to gather. Buildings that have stood vacant for years now have life in them.

As I am in love with this theory of the third place I am happy to look for avenues to help make these things a dream. We used to have such a thriving art scene, bands on the corners on first Fridays, and little by little it has drifted away. I hope to be part, get my hands dirty, and aid in anyway I can, but for now with this project just lifting off I am thrilled to death that third places and mobile third places are being planned for this amazing city. I might even have to buy a bike rack and bike and go biking in Macon once the trails are all connected.

Last night in honor of their meeting they closed a street down. We could draw on the road,we could corn hole ( its a game ), we saw Back to The Future in a park. And they had a beer tent in the park. It wasn't a big crowd, but it was a start. A lot of the time anything successful, well hello all times, all things just start with an idea. Macon Connects, New Town Macon, and 8 80 are starting to implement ideas. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Places to connect, great third places, more outside spaces that are green.

With all great changes come people who object. People who say no to anything. The whole goal is for the people who say yes to show up, be present, and be proactive. I believe this project (which has been happening all over the USA ) will be amazing. For now though I got to play in the street, color on it with chalk, and drink a beer in the park and watch a movie with my honey on a blanket. I met some new people at the meeting which was awesome and I look forward to being a part of this amazing change, which allows great third places to exist.

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