Happy Sunday & a Poem for you

Happy Sunday all. I hope today finds you recouping. Re energizing and relaxing. I wanted to stop by and leave you with a short, but powerful poem I wrote. I hope you like it. It is called: Lines.

Lines are crossed
                           Love Collides
hearts all a flutter,
                           Deep, Deep inside.
My mind spins & opens wide,
                            Life is full, but yet,
so empty inside.

An allusion to happiness, an hour of pride.
Souls touch, but yet to many miles apart,
Reaching out from inside.

                             Sometimes it hurts....
                             Sometimes the pain...
                             Sometimes, just sometimes.....

Always alone, here with my thoughts,
Always afraid of what they mean.

Tears are flowing, Now I know.

Hope you enjoyed it. I wish you all a very happy happy rest of your weekend.
your story teller/poet


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