Summer Time

With temperatures reaching over 101 today I am reminded that Summer in Georgia is here and fierce. It tries to fry us up and spit us out. It comes in strong,then hammers us for months, and when it hits 90 daily we are happy. We are constantly trying to cool down, stay inside, find new things to do inside to keep us sane,

While I am a fan of Summer this heat has me avoiding it. I am exhausted by the heat when I just walk outside.
The light outside shifts from subtle, like in this picture, to so strong it could fry and egg. And I am so tempted to try that one day. All the windows remain shut. All the light stays out, I cover everything to keep the house cool, but I miss the light. I miss photographing items in the house, but even in the morning, first light is way to strong.

Summer is, nor has it ever been my favorite month. I am and always shall be known as a Autumn lover. I crave the light, the colors, the pumpkins. I live for the sounds, smells, touch of all things fall. I like the fair and the sounds of children back outside enjoying fresh air. I wish it would stay autumn longer in Georgia. It seems like a passing dream. It is here and gone in an instant.
Summer has its fruits, drinks, pool time, and many other amazing things that go with it, but Autumn is still my favorite. Summer has fresh plump cherries, lemonade, sprinklers, and fireworks. Summer is most of Georgia though. We have seasons down here. They are called Hot, Hotter, and Hottest. While I appreciate the warmer weather, which is why I live here, this Summer is so immensely roasting us.
Summer Lemonade
 Summer has cool fruity drinks, relaxation, a slower pace. We stop more to say hello to our neighbors. We strive to enjoy our time more with our kids. We plan our vacations in the Summer. Summer does have a magic all its own, but oh the heat. Cold fresh lemonade helps, but do not drink it directly in the Georgia sun, you will self combustion into tiny particles!!

With Summer also comes many blooms. Summer flowers are quite lovely because the pollen of Spring is gone and Summer flowers just sway in the sun. They seem to linger and gently move with the breeze, butterflies, or birds. We cannot garden in the Summer unless you go outside at 6 AM. (Trust me I have) But in Summer we sit, sip our lemonade, and watch the blooms soaking up the sun.
The magic of Summer is the fireflies. Twinkling at night. A sure sign Summer has arrived.

I leave you with a few final thoughts. If we did not have the dog days of Summer, would we enjoy the other seasons as much? And honestly whats a little hotness in life? For now I do things inside the home early in the morning like write this blog post. I have done more writing this Summer than any other time of the year. I have enjoyed my early mornings in the quiet house where I can just hear the clicking of the keyboard as I type. One thing is for sure Summer is here to stay. Yesterday and today temps are over 100 and I just pray I outlast the temperatures and perhaps perfect some writing. Speaking of you can now find some of my writings on It is a great platform to write on with a bunch of amazing, talented, and stunning writers. I do hope you will stop over there and look at my work.

I wish you a very cool Summer. Slow down, sip some lemonade, and enjoy your life a little bit more.
Your storyteller/poet


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