New Year New Rhythm

Rhythm is different for every family. I am talking about the flow of how we get from one day to the next. I noticed with the new job that the flow of my house is changing. I will for the first time in my life be working an evening shift. My children are now grown so I easily accepted the position. I set the ebb and flow of my household by making dinner at certain times or doing errands during certain times. I wake and hit the round or I wake and slowly enjoy the morning. Either way I set the tone of the house. Are we all rushed, late, and hurried out the door, or are we more relaxed, making our lunches, and enjoying the process of slowly starting the day. Whatever way we deal with each day the ebb and flow is always changing. With my working the new evening hours I wont be able to open and close blinds. Turn off and on porch lights. I also will make everyone dinner at noon, so they can heat it at 6. Our rhythm is important to me.

My writing flow is also changing. The hours I normally would write are no longer an option. I will have to change my rhythm to including writing, because the voices inside my head is yearning for their stories to be told. I am a writer of short stories. I want to get my MFA in Creative Writing. I want to teach youth the joy of when you think no one is listening to write it down. I want them to have a safe space for their voice. I want them to know they can freely express themselves without fear of being condemned. Writing is such a powerful thing that I do workshops on it from time to time to hopefully spark someones mind.

2017 has brought changes to my life, my boyfriend just moved in with me; to my work, I have a new evening full time job, and my daughter is applying to graduate schools (so these are probably the last few months of living with her ).  Every avenue of my life is changing and it is taking some time to adjust. The house is feeling it, the boyfriend and my daughter too. I am the energy of the house. The one who gets things done. So for now I adjust, get up and get things done earlier, so at night I can work :D

Writing is an important aspect of my life and I hope yours as well. Happy 2017 and hope you and your family are finding your new rhythm.

And last but def. not least writing prompt #2 for 2017

What do you see? Hear? Witness? What story does this photo tell in your mind? Write it out and have fun.

Happy Monday!!
Your story teller/poet


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