Sadness & Pop

Sat while I was at church and got a call from my son," mom pop passed away" I couldn't believe it,, its a long story , he had major issues after a surgery he should have died from. He made it another 10 weeks. Yesterday we had the funeral for him. He was my father in law always, even tho im divorced from his son. He has the biggest heart, the most commitment to Christ and ran the blood drive for his church and made it into the biggest one around. I could go on, but that is not what this post is about. I wanted to say this, I apologize for dropping the ball on the Saturday Post and we will do it again this Sat. Pick a work you are currently writing,, 5 lines and upload it in the comments. I also dont mind if you plug yourself and put your web link in there too. Life is short, write long ;)

Cameras and funerals. One of those do I  or dont I, but I did and just wanted to say this private moment we all had before the service of prayer for us the family and for pop.

The second photo is the flower arrangement sent for pop from the Red Cross. It was on a big red board and it made me smile. I snapped photos here and there and snuck around, no one even noticed me.This family isnt around it each much. One son, my ex , lives here in Ga, One of his bros is in Hawaii now, just moved from Oregon and the other one is in CA. So the camera had to come out.

I just started full-time classes yesterday and already feeling stupid.I do ever semester. Then I realize,,again,, that im there to learn and if I knew it all, Id have my degree, be at a job and working.I have to remind myself that im not stupid, im just learning and on a path to being a better writer. Who knows, one day you might be picking up my latest book of short stories, poetry or whatever else I write.

So please accept my apologies for dropping the ball on the Saturday Post, but Pop died. I promise to see you Sat and I look forward to read what you are writing now.

Have a super day, off to learn and do more school work.

Debbie xoxoxo
PS Writer meeting is coming up,maybe I should write something new :D


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