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life sometimes catches us by surprise and sometimes its what we expected. Whatever is going on in your world, I hope life does not have you upside down and you are doing well. Christmas is fast approaching and while I am most definitely not where I want to be right now, I am ok. I am strong internally and I know I will be ok. My life has never been easy. Seems like I always get to where I need to be, but not my way. Life takes detours and journeys we wish would not happen.

With losing my job, of 13 years, this Feb. I found myself unemployed and I still am. With that though I got to go to school full-time. Which brings new struggles like how to pay for gas to get to the school 40 min away. Also this week,, Sunday night a 36 hour migraine hit and I was down. Tues I felt half alive and had to muddle through two finals. Trust me when I say, that did not go well. Today I woke up and it started again. Head pounding and so on. I have been on all sorts of meds and now I am trying some herbs to help. Not sure what my body is doing, but I know its not being nice!!!

I am hoping in the coming week to knit with my new knitting group I joined. To read more of the now TWO books I am reading and I hope some holiday baking. When all else fails, Bake!! I did get my Christmas Ikea lights though and I am in love. I have a feeling they will be up all year long :D

I hope you are having a great holiday season. I hope you have family, friends, animals and whomever else to share your holidays with. Enjoy this time, if only to remember, he is the reason for the season. That is a great thing to remember :D

God Bless


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