celebrate the littles

Christmas was magical. Everyone was home,my heart was filled and it was magic. We crafted together, for the first time in umm forever, and made Christmas felt ornaments. I had cut them out ahead of time and did tons thinking  maybe some for next year. Everyone did four and we were at it for hours.We talked and sewed on buttons for ornaments on trees and stars and more. That was a little moment I celebrated. Christmas came and what I will remember enjoying the most.. we turned off the TV, we ate, ALL PHONES AWAY (MIRACLE) and we talked, but afterwards we gamed. All board games, no Wii, no phones,, Sorry, Life, Jenga and dont break the ice. We laughed and again,that was a little I celebrated. We all need to slow down, put technology away more and belly laugh. Did you know it is proven that deep belly laughs are good for your health? Well they are!!!

Today I made homemade waffles for breakfast. We ate together. I celebrated the litttles. Big things are worth celebrating, but  if we wait on them, we spend most of our time waiting and waiting and not celebrating life. Catch yourself more watching life, listening for the belly laughs or make them happen, catch your family together. Phones off!! or at least down. Enjoy the every day littles and be happy for all you have to celebrate.

Here is to 2014 and making the littles happier.


  1. Amazing blog! With a New Year, creative successes!


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