Sunday Stories,,,Sarah and Adam's Adventure. #7

Three Months Later..........

Sarah was back home in upper New York . Typing the last few lines of her book. Adam was in Seattle waiting for the final copy. Sarah hit send and nervously bit her lip. She had been working on her book  since she was kissed left Seattle and came home to work away on it. She has been sending it chapter by chapter to her editor and been working diligently to finish the book on time. She decided she deserved a break!

Sarah had of course heard from Adam, but only on a professional level. All his emails were void of emotions. She was starting to think everything that happened in Seattle between them was a dream. After all it did seem to good to be true. She was glad though that she had not changed her ticket. She had came home the next morning after their kiss.She got right to work on her book, but did wonder what would have happened if she stayed.

Sarah decided to head to the Maine coastline for a mini break and began packing her suitcase. She had been plugging away at her book so long she had forgotten what the world looked like. She knew it would be chilly out at the beach, but there also would not be a lot of people. She needed to clear her head. She needed to be out in the world and refresh her mind. The cold bitter air of the ocean was calling her. Sweaters, pants, scarves all packed up. Sarah headed for her car an hour later. She opened her apartment door and went down her stairwell and out to her car, which was parked on the street. She could see someone standing by it and thought for a second it was Adam. It was not, it was just someone stopping to tie their shoe.

Sarah lifted her suitcase to put it in the trunk and just as she lifted she heard a voice ask if she needed help. She thought it was the guy who was fiddling with his shoe. She turned around to say no thank you and there he was. Her dream. Adam. Sarah suddenly lost her breath. Adam lifted the suitcase into her trunk and asked her if she was okay. Sarah nodded. Adam tried asking how she was, where she was going, who she was going with, but Sarah just looked at him oddly.

Adam why are you here? Sarah Said. I sent off the book and I am confused. Did you not get it?

Adam told Sarah he missed her. He tried to distance himself from her, but had to come kiss her see her again. Since Sarah was in no rush to head to the beach, she asked Adam to lunch. Adam declined. He asked Sarah if she cared for him. She said yes, but had not heard from him except professionally in 3 months. Adam told her since she did not change her airline ticket and declined to stay with him longer in Seattle, that he thought she did not want to be involved with him. They both realized at the same time how much the other one meant to each other. Sarah made a bold move and asked Adam to go with her to Maine for a few days. Adam gladly accepted and kissed her boldly right there on the street.

I hope you are continuing to love Adam and Sarah's Story. I love writing it for you all. I know it is Sat, but tomorrow I am playing catch up with other items that need writing. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend (if you are in the states)
Happy Sunday and Happy 24th Birthday to my son Chris. 24 times around the sun. Where does the time go!!


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