Sunday Story #5, Part 2 (Sunday story #4)

Since everyone is enjoying Sunday Stories so much I am going to keep them going. I enjoy writing, you enjoy reading, win win :D

This Sunday story is a continuation from last weeks story. I hope you enjoy it. Next weekend I will be away, but I found a coffee house to write from on Sunday and I will be putting up a new Sunday story then. I really enjoy writing short stories and hope someday to publish a book of them. So next Sunday will be Traveling Sunday Story #1 :D

So Part 2 of last weeks story along with some cleaning up of the first part..enjoy :D

Sunday Story #4, Part 1

She was sitting by the window of the coffee shop. It was just another Sunday, right? Just another coffee shop? Another time she spent alone? This time was different. She was in Seattle for research for her new book and was not familiar with this coffee shop. He had picked it for them to meet.

The weather was showing how she was feeling on the inside with its dark and feverish sky. She was anxious about her meeting and the sky reflected it. The clouds came in quickly just like her anxiety did.  Her mood and this weather scared her and in her walked. This was the guy who she would be meeting to discuss her book with.

She thought her heart would stop. He was so good looking. He had dark skin, maybe Italian and dark hair, maybe he was Greek; whatever he was he was nothing short of gorgeous. She caught her breath in her throat and tried to say hello. Her breathing was so spastic that she could feel the air hit her lungs. He had walked right up to her with all the confidence in the world and introduced himself. She began to breathe normal again and got up as gracefully as she could. Her heel got stuck on the stool and she tripped right into his arms. He caught her, said hello again, she said hello back embarrassed at her tripping.

Her heart started racing again the minute his arms were around her. She was relieved to feel his was racing at this instant too. He was just as anxious as her, but was hiding it well. She realized there was now more to this meeting then getting a publisher for her book.
She knew she could fall in love.

Sunday Story #4, Part 2

                Adam and Sarah settled down into their seats, both pretending nothing had happened. Sarah pulled out her notes on Seattle and  her research she had so far for her new book. As she pulled out her papers they flew all over the coffee house bar floor and scattered everywhere. Adam rose instantly and bent down to gather as much as he could. Other patrons helped gather the rest. Sarah was so red with embarrassment she couldn’t even move. She timidly thanked everyone who handed her, her papers. Adam sat back down with a huge stack of her work in his hands. She tried graciously to take them, but grace had left the building a while ago.  Adam helped Sarah get her book ideas and her research back in order as best he could. She couldn’t believe that within fifteen minutes of meeting him, she needed his rescuing twice.
                Adam noticed how on edge he made Sarah, so he offered to get some coffee for them both and take it from the top again. Sarah was sure she had already lost a publisher with her scattered mess, but he was sweet, so she said yes.  Adam came back to Sarah with two coffees and two chocolate croissants. She loved that he thought about something sweet for her, but then it came to her, maybe he thought her sugar was low and that was why she was such a mess, but if so, why did he get himself one also? Sarah knew she was reading too much into this. Sarah was reading into everything from her falling into him, to dropping the papers to why he got her a treat. She decided since she probably already lost him as a publisher to just enjoy the company and sweets.
                After a few minutes of awkward silence Adam started to talk to her about her book. He was still interested and wanted to know where she sees her storyline going. Sarah started to riffle through all the papers and gave up.
She looked at Adam and said, “I had this all planned out, a presentation, show you my research, everything and now its ruined.”
Adam looked at her and said, “Tell me without all the paperwork about your story. We can deal with researching later. I want to know about your story.”
This put Sarah at ease and she began telling him about her story she wanted to write. Her story was about a writer, like her, who dreams of moving to Seattle to live her life by sharing her gift of writing with others. She knew others were chasing the dream of being a writer, but maybe needed a little encouragement.
 Sarah continued by saying, “The main character was a female, mid-thirties and single. She was named Emma. Emma wanted to work at local coffee houses and campuses and do writing workshops. Emma had finished college just the autumn before and thought she knew the world, but the world will turn her visions of real life upside. Life will teach Emma about hardships, determination and advantages of having a strong will. She will learn what it actually takes to survive outside of her college life.”
Adam seemed interested in where Sarah was going with the story. Sarah told Adam how she was going around the West coast seeking out coffee places that would even consider letting a person do writing workshops in their establishments. This was the research part of her trip. She also contacted campuses too, but Adam was not interested in hearing about that part. By this point he was just watching Sarah talk. Adam let Sarah talk till she was finished and then said, “Do you have any plans for dinner?”


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