a story, my journey

As with all writers I feel they have a journey to tell. Like Stephen King, I am sure he has a very interesting journey.Alice Munro, probably another interesting story. We all have our story. So today I am sharing my story with you.

Back in the Summer of 2002 my husband and I split up and in the Autumn we divorced. (short version of that, I will spare you) Soon after I worked myself back into college (soon being 2010, so longish soon hehehe) and was working on my business degree. I had an office job and loved business, or so I thought. I started my core classes and with only taking two a semester, raising two kids and working full time I had my hands full. I own my home so there was always work to be done. I worked to provide for my kids. I started getting to the upper business classes and it occurred to me that I actually DID NOT like being chained to a desk. A few incredible professors mentioned they loved my writing. They thought I was in the wrong major. It took another semester, a few more professors and lots of prayer for me to realize they were right.

After a lot of all that thinking I changed majors. I thought an English B.A. was a waste and learning how to look at literature was not going to get me very far. I changed my thinking and my major and have not looked back. I love what I am doing even if I read Heart of Darkness 2 times a semester or Huck Finn or any others they seem to think I need to read over and over. I have brilliant professors and I keep taking the ones I know and love. This semester I have two I knew and two new ones. Brilliant people!!!

As my journey with school progressed I lost my job in Feb 2013. I have been blessed to attend school with a grant. I am a senior this coming spring and have one more year to go. Now the question is where am I going? I would love a job in publishing or editing in NYC or Boston. I am from NJ and would love to be by my family again. My story though I feel is not finished. I hope one day to be published. Maybe with Adam and Sarah's story that I write in this space. Maybe with another story. Maybe a bunch of short stories. People say writing is not a job. I bet they did not tell Stephen King this or Alice Munro. Well I take that back maybe they did when they started out and maybe just maybe both authors told them their stories and wrote anyways.

Writing is a very imaginative craft. With the story of Adam and Sarah that I will continue on with in this space next week I have to use my imagination for places to make up in Seattle. Also you have to research the area. If I would say Sarah and Adam went skipping through the sunshine it would be wrong. Seattle has a ton of rain. Writing is so many other things than just the writing.

I am doing my youth workshop for young writers soon and I am looking so forward to guiding young people on their journey for writing. They have very imaginative brains. I want people to have an outlet for their writing. You do not show your work to someone who is a friend, but knows nothing of the craft. You need like minded people around you. I hope to make a group page for my youth group to converse after the workshop. I hope to do more with them, but I hope to make connections also to be in their lives as someone they can come to when they need writing help and to guide them in their dreams of being a writer.

Happy Sunday all and thank you for coming along on my journey this Sunday. Next week we will see what happens to Adam and Sarah,, will she change her plane ticket and stay or will she go and just keep in touch or will a twist come into play? Only time will tell, well that and me next week when I type it for you.

Happy weekending

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