a Traveling Story

Another coffee house, another city. This coffee house came with a few different things. For one my best friend, who drove me there and took me out to lunch and for another thing a tornado.

It was a gloomy day outside, but I was happy inside. Not having seen my best friend in a long while, I was happy inside to be with him. Just to be goofy, have someone who knows me that well is such a gift. Next year is our 20 year anniversary, but that's another story.

First thing we did was take off for the top of the mountain. We were determined to beat the bad weather moving in. We drove to one point toward the top of the mountain and from  there you climb stairs to another and hike to the tippy top. I had my camera backpack, which he carried for me, and off we strutted up the stairs and onto the asphalt to get to the top, but first, two random canons. It is a historic park and all, but one wonders what the canons were aimed at. We stopped at each and scrunched down together to look. If the canon did fire surely the shot would just roll down the mountain's steep side. We wondered what it once fired at. Canons do not shoot far, so we just looked at each other and busted out laughing. People looked at us, but we crack ourselves up. We each knew what the other one was thinking, the canon shot nothing, no one and no where. We then imagined elves putting it there and maybe fairies playing on it. We have very vivid imaginations.

So up the asphalt we climbed. Thunder, check. Lightening, check. I am confidant in knowing that with those two items you should not be under a tree. So yeah, here we are in the woods and under trees. Not our smartest hour. One more loud CRACK! and rain. Well pooh and down the hill we climbed. Getting soaking wet and cracking up more and more. People thought we were nuts, but we seriously just enjoyed getting caught in the downpour. We knew it would get us we just wanted it too.

Dashing back into the car we laughed as we both looked back at the back seat and saw the umbrella. Was it there when we left to hike, yep. We didn't even think about taking it. Oh we are a pair. Back down the mountain, soaking wet in the car, hoping not to slide off the mountain and before we could stop laughing we were back at the bottom.

So what now that nature scared us away, well it was after lunch time, so we went out to eat. I had researched a coffee house in the area before I came up. I directed where to turn and he drove. A few min later we ended up at the coffee house. Two coffee's and two panini's later we were set. We sat down at a table in the front of the coffee house by the windows. Within ten min we were told there was a rotation in the air and tornado sirens then went off and a warning was issued. We were asked if we would like to move toward the back. We decided we would stay up front and watch the storm. We figured we already made it out of the storm once, we knew we would again.

As you can tell me survived the tornado. ( One never happened thank goodness) And after a two hour lunch we were off to a huge used book store.... our third adventure of the day.

After a few min drive we arrived at the large used book store. They have used books,Cd's, records, DVD's and so on and so forth. Insane. So my bestie and I like pretty much the same things. So off to literary books we went. As with a lot of people who tease me for buying them, he suggested ones I might like to add to my collection. ( Have I mentioned how sweet he is?) So I added fairy tales to my collection. Also a french music CD. J'adore French music. Then we picked used Cd's he needed. Van Halen ( with original guys of course) , Journey ( with steve perry ) , Pink Floyd, Bare Naked Ladies and so on. With each CD being $2-4 we soon had a stack and $40 worth of great music to add to the collection. We looked at all sorts of old map books, as we both have a love of old things, we looked through religion books, craft books ( he knows I love to craft) and more and more. We poked fun of titles, we held books out for each other, we had so much fun. About three hours later we emerged Victoriously!!!

So this is the tale of two best friends. Who met on mIRC almost 20 years ago. It's the story of belly laughs, getting caught in the rain. It is a story of having someone in your life who just gets you. It is our friendship story. We have been through it all with each other. We have helped each other with so many things. I don't get to see him as much as I used to, but when he connect, we hug, laugh and let loose. And maybe, just  maybe we don't used common sense like Hello the top of a mountain in a rain storm, but we have great adventures together and for that I am ever so grateful.

If you made it to this end, CONGRATS!!! I hope next Sunday to be back home and possibly explore some more of Adam and Sarah's love story. For now though I hope you enjoyed my story. It was one day, three small adventures and lots of love. :)



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