a poem for your sat..

the Poem is called Moonbeams, because the moon was so bright last night I could not fall asleep.


moonbeams caressing me as I drift to sleep,
falling on my face like gentle kisses.
Holding my hands in his as I fell,
deep,deep into a dream like state.

He teased me into believing in love,
light shattering my hopes, reckless beams
falling where they might,
No regard for my rest.

No recourse for losing control,
shattering my heart into the light.
Pieces of me scattered all over my sheets,
no one there to catch me,
just the moon and I.

Where will I land, slipping down
the slither left up in space.
Only a part of you, only a part of me.

Broken hearts tonight, held by only pieces
of our tattered life.
In your arms made of beams, a love fills me up,
leaning into you, I am all aglow.

till you fade away into the dawn,
I'll lay and wait.
Yearning to be in your light again.


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