Sunday Stories: Halloween story part 2

No sooner had I shut the door then I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. She was standing about five feet from me and seemed to be muttering something. In a flash the pain stopped and she asked me to sit. Ummm, this was my place, but I sat down. She impressed upon me how her finance's death was an accident. She kept saying he was careless,how he was in he wrong spot, how he was supposed to be elsewhere. She kept repeating that nothing was in the woods that shouldn't be. I soon began to realize she knew something. Wasn't this the lady who was just in tears at headquarters hours before? Did she not say just today to do any and everything we could to find out what happened?

I asked her if she wanted a glass of water. She said her name was Emma and before I knew what happened I  was not feeling so well. A dizziness crept over me and I was wobbling trying to get to the kitchen. She kept repeating that nothing was in the woods that shouldn't be. I started to wonder if she was in the woods when he was attacked. She seemed to know more than she was saying. I got up to get us the water, she hadn't answered, but I thought it better to get her some. I was feeling dizzy again and her mouth seemed to be moving,but no sound was coming out. What was going on?

The last thing I remember was going to get us both a glass of water. I woke up and was in my bed fully dressed. How did I get here? I remember her being in my apartment, but she was a small lady. Maybe one hundred pounds. It is not possible for her to get me into bed, but then again, there wasn't something natural about her.

I moved slowly toward the shower and had a rush of a stabbing headache. I pushed through it and turned on the water tap and got into the shower slowly. I began to go over the day before in my head. I remembered the morning and all the details, but after she showed up, I was drawing a blank. I showerd and got into my uniform for work. So many things were bothing me.To top off everything I kept thinking of that arrow. I remember it, but why would I know it. I don't hunt, nor shoot archery. I am involved with nothing that has anything to do with arrows. This detail was going to bother me until I figured it out.

I got into the jeep and started the car. My right forarm started throbbing and itching. I pulled up my sleeve and tattooed on my arm, the arrow I had seen on the victim. Had she done something to me. Some sort of mark? Was I next to die. My mind was racing. I went to backout of my parking lot and saw her in my rearview mirror. I turned back to put the car in park and turned back and she was in the passenger seat. How did she move so fast? I did not even hear her walking. She said good morning like we had just met casually. I asked her what was going on. She said drive to work and I will tell you a tale along the way. I had no reason to believe her, but drove onto work.

She told me she was really 300 years old. I said, "well you look good for your age." I was half intrigued and half scared to death. She said she hides in the woods. That evil forces were at work and after her. I asked if she did something wrong, then realized she was serious about being 300 years old. How could that be?, I asked her. She explained to me she was a witch. She believed in doing good and magic for healing. That  she was being forced to do evil or more humans would die. I began to worry again. I asked her if she knew how I got this arrow on my arm. She said she put it there with a spell to protect me. Just like she did to the man who was her fiance.  Now I was really afraid. He was just brutally attacked.

I drove into the state park. I put the car in park to open the gate by headquarters. When I turned back to my car she was gone. Now I was wondering about my mental health. I wouldn't believe I even saw her or talked to her, well except for this arrow tattoo on my arm. I felt a shiver go through my whole body. I loved the woods, but today they seemed like my enemy waiting to devour me whole.

and so ends part two of the halloween tale. I will continue it on to halloween.
I hope you enjoy it and share with your friends.
Happy Spooking
Your storyteller

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