Sunday Stories- Poem Interruptus

We interrupt out regularly schedule story to interject a poem into the mix. I hope you all like it. I might have shared it on here before, but it was forever ago. The name of it is "Blood"

Blood by Debbie Ealer

There is blood on the Moon,
around the pale moon light,
Troubles coming, so they say.

Circle once and come back again,
The darkness likes this time of day,
Deep magenta against the white.

Trouble's coming late tonight,watch your soul,
for the hour is here,
When you will just disappear.

Pain and Suffering is our friend,
but not bittterness; she is with us to the end.
Trouble's coming, so I see,
Blood and White mix in the night.

Reaching out to eat your soul,
lock away your pain tonight,
Trouble's coming with a fright!

Grabbing, reaching, you will see,
your pain is not all that it is to be,
Pain will eat you, this is true,
but be warned, trouble's coming after you!!!


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