Sarah and Adam, Sunday Stories #8

In Maine....

Sarah and Adam spent a great few days together in Maine,but then things turned serious. Adam tried talking Sarah, who could write anywhere, into moving to Seattle, so they could date. Sarah instantly said no. Adam was worried he had more feelings for Sarah than she did for him. They decided to bundle up and take a walk on the beach. Fall was fast approaching and a chill was in the air. Perfect weather to walk with some one's arm snuggled on your shoulder. Adam had his hands in his pockets.
Sarah could sense how tense Adam was. She wondered why,but did not dare ask him. They had only actually been on a few dates. They only spent three days together. Sarah really liked kissing Adam. She loved holding hands and being part of a couple. Only thing, Sarah realized she did not love was Adam.

They walked a way in silence. The waves noise made up for their lack of chatter. Adam said he realized it was soon, but he had been waiting for someone like Sarah for a long time. Sarah realized Adam was waiting for a wife. Someone for him to settle down with. He missed being married.

Adam, said Sarah, do you think I am the one for you? Adam was nervous and she could tell, but she did not know why. Adam, right there on the beach got down on one knee, pulled out a jewelry box and asked Sarah to marry him. Sarah at a loss for words almost fainted. This was a fairy tale. A true prince to rescue her, but from what. Sarah felt like a person in a car wreck, Her life flashed before her eyes and she knew her answer at once, NO! Sarah loved her life just as it was.

Adam I am sorry, but I do not feel the same. No sooner than she got the words out he said Goodbye, kissed her on the cheek and walked back to their place. By the time Sarah returned he had left. No note, no trace of him, nothing at all to show she was actually with a man. She presumed he booked a flight out and got the heck out of dodge.

Sarah realized in a flash that he was her publisher. He had promised her a thirty thousand first edition run and had a plan for promoting her all over the United States. Sarah knew she should be upset about the relationship, but all she could think was how hard, as a writer, she had worked for this.

As if Adam could sense her worry, she received a text from him. It only said, "We will publish your book as promised." Sarah felt a great sigh of relief. She had worked so hard on this book and was so proud of it. No sooner had she received the text, her girlfriend Sonja called, "I have a fashion show in Paris, week after next, I snagged you a seat with me, pack your things, we are Paris bound!!"

Sarah could not believe her life, but Paris. She always wanted to go. She could just never afford it on her own. She packed her things to return to her apartment to turn around and pack again. A new chapter of her life was starting. Maybe she could blog about the trip. Maybe she could use it for a new book. Maybe there was a French romance waiting for her.

Well after all, what's Paris if not for a little French affair..........

Well her ends Sarah's first adventures. I am sure she will make another appearance in my short stories. I hope you have enjoyed her story and next week we start a new story. What shall it be? Something a little spooky for fall. A Chill in the air from a new wind blowing,,stay turned.

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