Halloween Sunday Story Part #1

So with Halloween, all hallows eve and talk of witches and such coming, I am starting this week a spooky story. I hope you like it. 

Part 1

Today started out as a normal morning. I was doing my rounds around the trails. Patrolling to make sure everything was safe, and no one and nothing was on the trail that could hurt anyone. I always love the cold chill of October mornings in the woods. They reminded me of when I was a boy scout in middle school. Every October we would take a camping trip, and the mornings when it was silent, was my favorite part. I feel at peace in the woods. I was almost done with my rounds and back in my jeep to head back to headquarters, when the call came through. A gentleman, about thirty years old, was missing and four of his friends, He was said to be tall, about 6’ 2”, blond hair, blue eyes, and a tattoo of an arrow on his right arm. He and his friends were out camping for a week. We were supposed to look out for any clues that might tell us where he, or his friends, went or where they were. I had just walked every inch and decided to just go back to headquarters and tell them where I had already been. 

When I got back to my office, a tall slender woman, probably about twenty five, was crying and describing who the missing gentleman was in relation to her. She would sob and then tell a detail and start over. They were to be married in a week and his friends took him camping before they said “I Do”.  I slid into my desk and went to work, but listened to her at the same time. She was telling my co-worker that the man missing was very sweet and even tempered, that he had no enemies and asked, “Who would want to do this to him?” She had been dating him for five years, knew all his acquaintances and friends, and said, “no one would hurt him”. 

My co-worked asked her for a list of names of the friends who were with him. No one was at the camp site. Everything was left, the tent, cars, camp stove, but no men were around. No one was in the woods at all as far as I knew. After she said there were four friends with him, I took off again to do another check at the site and see if any clues were there that would indicate where they all went. How could five grown men just disappear?  No trace, nothing. 

I drove out again to their camping site. I went through their trash. Tore everything out of their tents, looked in all the vehicles and nothing! I had already checked all over, what did I expect to find this time? I could not help fear that something horrible had happened to them all. I decided to go walk the trails again and this time, walk slower, take a flashlight to shine on everything, and see if I couldn’t find some clues. I was not prepared for what I found. 

I remember this day being cold and damp out. The leaves were peeping different colors. I think it was late into October when I found the body. It had been a month since this gentleman and his four friends went camping and disappeared. It looked like someone, maybe something, ate at the body for days. I knew this was the person, fitting this man’s description, which was reported to us at the state park department last month. Well from what was left of him. There was his arm with the arrow tattoo and not a whole lot more. That arrow looked familiar though I could not think where from. What in these woods could have done such a thing to a human in so little time? And where are the four friends who were also reported missing? I walked around the area where I found the body and saw strange claw marks on some lower tree trunks. They did not appear to be human. They were huge in size and deeply scratched into the tree. Something with immense muscles would have been able to make these marks. I started to fear for my safety and got back in the jeep and called in what I had found and my location to headquarters. I waited safely in the vehicle until the local cops arrive and I tried to go back to work. What I had seen mortified me and that arrow tattoo, where had I seen that arrow before. I decided to take the day off. I felt sick to my stomach.

I no sooner got my door shut then my doorbell rang. I opened the door and to my surprise the fiancee was at the door. She smiled at me and a shiver ran down my spine. How had she known where I lived? Did she follow me? She said nothing and came in. I closed the door, but little did I know what was to follow.

 I hope you are enjoying Sunday Stories. This is the second of 1,000,000 stories I hope to write. Well maybe 100, but you need to dream big. I thank you all for stopping by. Pass on Sunday stories to any friend you like. The more the merrier. Happy Haunting!!
Your story teller,
PS. This is my favorite time of year. The bewitching time :D


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