April 4, 2016: Poem 4/day 4 of National Poetry Month

This poem is titled: Power!

Power over people, Power;
Power over ourselves, Self-power.

Power over our thoughts,
behavior, choices, life's destination.
Power to change one small item
in our lives, one at a time.

Power, strong,motivated,
weakening, losing, power,drained.
Daily power, minute power, bursts,
determination, discrimination. Power!

Slipping, falling, cursing out another,
building each other up, Power!
Power shifting, power changing,
power falling down to stand up again.

Power Struggle, Power ,control,
Seamlessly changing every day!

Your storyteller/poet

PS are you writing? Please share with me your link or a poem in comments. I would love to see what you are writing as well.


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