April 5th, 2016 Day 5 of poetry month....

an ode to Emily Dickinson

Death Note

I leave upon my dresser this note of my despair,
to leave this world is cruelly my hearts worst nightmare.
Time has stood to still for me, layers removed from my mask,
sorely I stand naked before all to judge my secrets now.

My Life is a play for all to bare witness,
Desperately hiding all the while behind my veil.
Frightened to reveal my deepest desire,
never putting out my inward fire.

Burning, burning through the night,
I leave this letter hardened by my goodbyes,
sobbing all the while I write,
burdened by scorn, saddened by hatred,
Life I leave you with this note,
For morning has come now, and I must die,

So yes day 5 took a dark turn, but I do love Emily so much. I hope even though it is dark maybe you still like it? a little?

Well till tomorrow,
your storyteller/poet


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