So these days my voice is being heard on Medium.com. I go by Debbie Aruta on there if you would like to check me out.

This is a piece I wrote today for a group. I am not allowed to share it on Medium with another group or under me, but I am allowed to share it anywhere OFF Medium so wanted to share it with you.
Normally I do not write insane pieces. I play it pretty close to the rule book, but this time I went a little crazy fun. I hope you like the piece.

My friend Insanity

There were those times when I thought we could be friends, but the gloves came off years ago and I took to the page to rebut you. I wrote out my horrors, my nightmares,and all the darkness I could not share with anyone. You embraced me and took me in when no one else would. I did not know that you were the devil. You were my insanity, which was trying to be sneaking and take over my words on paper and slowly weasel yourself into my world and words.I should have known you cannot be trusted. I know you are bad for me now.

I feel like you invaded my soul and I do not want you to take up residence there. I want you gone. I want to break up. How do I put this nicely, so that you leave me without leaving any residue in my heart and soul. You and I, yes we have had a good long run, but maybe just maybe you can find someone else to go umm talk to? Please. Could you make some new friends? Look there is a woman over there who looks like she is about to lose her mind. Ranting and raving and about to go ballistic. She looks like she can use a friend like you.She looks miserable. Maybe you could creep into her mind and take her over. You could make people think she has lost her marbles and I could get mine back? No? Why are you so sure I am the one. I have never found love. I made it to this age alone and fine. I do not need you to tell me what to do. I do not need you to make me snap when I am out in public and people look at me like I should be committed.

Another night and its just you and me. What should be do tonight? Should we go out and yell at complete strangers? That cashier from the home decor store looked like she needed to be yelled at for no reason. Maybe we should go into the night and scream for no reason till the neighbors call the cops again. That was fun. Do you have any new ideas? What you want to streak down the street while singing Row Row Row your Boat at the top of my lungs. Maybe that is going a little to far. Well? No comment? Sigh. I really do not want to do that. Oh look my depressions chiming in. It thinks it is a great idea. A little free spirited fun would be good for my soul. I am sure if you both agree then we need to do it.

Getting undressed I realize that I am no longer in control of my thoughts. My depression and my insanity have combined forces to take over my soul and get me to do these fun things. OK here I go, Row Row Row your boat,out the door I go, singing at the top of my lungs. Streaking down the neighborhood. Hi neighbors. Join me in a round of Row Row Row your boat. No? Why the faces? Not like I’m doing anything wrong. Why are you all looking at me and screaming at me? What is that sound? Sirens? Maybe the cops will join me in singing. Naked, singing, at 2AM. I am so glad my depression and insanity have taken over. Life was to much to deal with on my own. Having friends are awesome. Hello officer. What? No I am not nuts. My clothes, hmm home I think. What I should have them on? I just wanted to spend a night out with my friends. Oh you want to take me for a ride. Sure I really wasn’t sure where I was going to. My depression and insanity did not tell me. Oh you are taking me somewhere so my friends could come too. Well aren’t you nice? Sure I will go!! Come on depression and insanity let us go with the cop and make some more friends. Life is good with more friends. This should be fun!!

Ok so first off I do not think insanity or depression are a laughing matter. Please do not chew me out for this piece. It was just supposed to be a fun piece or my mind having fun with my writing. I hope you like it and take it as it is intended, funny. I would love to see what you all write. I was looking for something online with writing prompts to keep me motivated and I found this site A year of writing prompts.  http://thinkwritten.com/365-creative-writing-prompts/  I hope you enjoy it. I picked the one titled Hello and well hello you see how that went didn't you. Having fun with your writing keeps you enjoying writing, so here is a photo writing prompt for you. 

 So what do you see in this photo. For instance maybe you just see the color blue. You could write about a time a when you or someone you know was blue. Or maybe you knew someone who choked and turned blue. Maybe you see the pottery and curves as a metaphor for life. Take some time and think about it. I would love to hear from you with what you write, but if you do not feel like you wanna share then by all means do not.This is supposed to be fun. Enjoy writing about it, have fun with your story, poem,or whatever you write.Maybe a letter to your grandfather who has past away and used to grow them. 

I hope you enjoy your writing prompt. If you do just let me know. I think this will be fun for everyone who likes to write and I will continue to do them if you all enjoy. Happy Weekending!!

your storyteller/poet


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