Writing and Prompt #2

Greetings again fellow writers and friends,
Since the last post with the writing prompt has done so well, we are going to continue them. I hope to have one photo prompt up a week for you. I know it gets you thinking, gets your brain to clear out the cobwebs, and definitely gets you in the mood to write.

This week with a photo prompt from a group I belong to had me writing a piece that was well pretty darn good. I push myself, I write poetry, short stories, and basically any other kind of writing I can to push the box wide open. Writing daily, weekly, or whenever you do it, is very important when you want to move from just someone who dabbles to someone who does it professionally. Your voice needs to be your own. Do not mimic others who write sci fiction, or death poetry, or whatever else. Write from your experiences, write the details of places you know, and yes I believe you should write from your heart. No you do not want to write how you were dumped or how you lost your job. You do not want to write you personal story, but you do want to put heart into your characters. You want to have you reader be emotional invested in your characters. You want them to care what happens to them.

Ok so this weeks prompt:

So what do you see, color, shape, your grandparents farm? A bench for deep discussions, a place where someone left a note to a loved one? So many different interpretations could happen from this photo. Write what comes to mind. Write with details only you know. Yes there are a lot of writers in the world, but only you know the deep details of your story and only  you can share them.

If you feel like sharing please do with me. If you are interested in me showcasing your piece on my blog I can do that too. Id love to have guest writers. If not then that's OK too, but write. You cannot call yourself a writer if you do not write. 

One of my professors years ago asked who was a writer (this was in a creative writing class) and we all raised our hands, then she asked who is an author and only a few people did. Be a writer and an author of stories. Push for people to critique your work. Yes that is nerve wracking,but it helps. It allows others to show you holes in your story that you thought were clear, but were not. We,as writers, know our stories so well sometimes we skip over details when we right and our readers cannot make the connection. 

Now off  you go. Go Write!!

your story teller/poet


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