Writing prompt #4

Greetings fellow writers, (and all of your other wonderful people)
It is that time again. Ive been busy writing poetry and another short story. Writing is so freeing. You let your mind wander on paper or computer and something magical happens. A story unfolds. A tale is told. Something comes from one. word. in. front. of. the. other..... you connect and you have a sentence, a paragraph, you join them to make a character. You let a scene you see in your head unfold on paper. You, yes you, are a pure magical creature. You might not be a Harry Potter, or a magical dragon, but you as a writer are magical.

So this weeks photo prompt is:
So many possibilities with this one. Yes it is one of those tip jars, but look at it, read, take in colors, shapes, sizes, magic is happening. I cannot wait to see what you do with this prompt.

Now if you are interested in sharing, or interested in me posting a guest blog about you, your writing, or anything to do with you and your writing please shoot me an email. This is a great platform to get some of your work out.

Now I am off to write for a group I write for about my own photo prompt for the week. I hope your writing. I hope you keep writing. I hope this photo prompt inspires you to write!!

Life frees up when you are writing. Write to complain about life, to deal with emotions, to get things out that you cannot anywhere else. This (paper or computer) is your safe space. If you just want to write through your pain, your grief, or whatever your life is giving you trouble with, then write!!

All my best,
your storyteller, poet, writer


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