Fourth of July 2016

Today is the Fourth of July, which is a holiday for us American's. We like to celebrate our independence with parades, fireworks and beer. I however am held up in the house for 4 days. Well I just do not feel like going out honestly. Last week was insane, so I needed a little recoup alone time.

Each holiday reminds me of my grandparents. They would have us all down. We would all go and though it was never a huge feast, we shared food, memories, lit sparklers, and played gin rummy. I like to think my grandparents are always watching out for me.

Today I went through their photos. The ones my mom wanted to trash. I am reminded of two things while scanning some in for you. #1 I get my love of photography from my grandfather. He always had a camera, he always wanted to capture the images (thank you lord that he did it too) , and that he always captured the family. Another thing he did on some of his photos is a date and/or place. This photo was taken on this day back in 1957. ( my mom and & aunt are in it along with the neighborhood kids)
I believe people have been celebrating the exact same way, way before 1957. I adore these photos and treasure them as a gift from my grandpa. I inherited them because my family did not want them and I scooped them up. Family memories, I believe, are important to hand down so the next generation can look back and remember too.

 Hanging out downtown on the Fourth of July to gather food items, see a parade, or celebrate with a stroll go back in time. This photo is about 1950's and to me screams family. Today is about yes the celebration about the United States, but it is always about family. Family does not have to be related to be family. It could be your friends, your co workers, your neighbors, but family games, cooking, and trips down memory lane are perfect for today.

Playing outside, climbing trees,
and hide and seek. Who remembers playing these as a kid. Today all the kids are on their ipads or phones while the adults cook and talk. Childhood has gone away.
Children need to experience the joys of chasing lightening bugs, lighting sparklers, running barefoot in the grass. Today is a celebration of life. Together people come and play cards, sing, campfire at night. Today is a day for life to expand in all sorts of ways. Today is a day for fun, family, and being a kid at any age. Maybe tube down a river, maybe go boating, whatever you do enjoy it with the people who matter. Turn off the phones and reconnect to each other in a real way and enjoy your day.

Family, hugs, togetherness.

I hope whatever you do today you do it as a unit. A collection of family, friends, sparklers, laughs, and good food.
Enjoy each other, celebrate safely.
Happy Fourth of July!

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