Writing Post #3

It is that time again. I have been writing like mad. Editing revising creating. Over the last few days, I published a few pieces I am thrilled with, editing a few wondering what I was thinking when I wrote these pieces and revisions on pieces I thought had great bones.

Being a writer is hard work. It takes dedication and perseverance over and over and over. Creating anything from scratch out of your brain takes time. You need to get the details right. You need to create characters or a storyline people can follow. You need to invoke sympathy for characters and lead your story down a believable world.

Writing is an art and all writers will tell you it takes time. I have some really great editors I now work with and I am writing more than I ever have. Well for myself that is, when I was working on my B.A. I did pages and pages and umm pages of writing just never for me. It was all for academic papers.

So this week I have another writing prompt for you. Use the  photo and create some story, some character, or some world and share with me ( or not ) what you come up with. I would love to showcase writers work on my blog so if you are interested in working with me please let me know.

Now here is prompt #3.

Take it and run with it. And if you feel like sharing I am here.
Your storyteller/poet

Write on fellow writers!!! Write on!!


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