Sundays Stories

I enter the church as I do every Sunday, but today is different. I can feel it in my bones. I realize I am filled with unending blessings of thankfulness. I realize my hearts not heavy with burdens.On my lips is a cheerful greeting for everyone, Good morning,,,good morning,,, how are you? Blessings be with you. No one at this church really knows me yet, but they all say good morning and speak to me happily. This place is pure magic. I decide I need to be the change in the world that I want to see. I hug everyone who greets me. They hug me as if I was their family member. This is a safe place, no judgement, no hatred, just love.

Everyone takes their seats and all I hear around me is low chatter until the pastor walks in. The chiming of the hour calls us all to worship. Everyone hustles to sit down.

The pastor does the weekly announcements. There are plenty of activities going on and you can feel the energy of the church. Children hurry around as vacation bible school is talked about.

My mind drifts, I think of my own week at city camp. I think of which children will be returning and which I wont see again. Then our pastor calls us into prayer and I am drawn back into the present by his words. I notice the pastor has on is HOLY stole. It says Holy going down both sides and is no way straight. I chuckle to myself.

The choir is absent today. A day of rest for gods singing people. The flower pots are empty also. Summer time. Low key. Slower. Camp time at church. Everyone is so friendly and relaxed. I am thankful for that.

Next onto the coffee shop. I feel a need to be alone. To read and write. I am so enjoying writing more again. On the drive down I notice people in their cars dressed up in their Sunday best. I smile and they smile back. Everyone happy on a Sunday.

Sunday is a day of rest. I have learned, as I have gotten old, that it is a day to enjoy with family. To slow down, to read the paper, to do something for me. Today is a day to sit back, watch the world and take it all in. Today is Sunday. I wish I lived in Mayberry with Andy. They all slowed down in that show and really loved a much simpler life. Id love to sit on the porch with Andy and sing while he strums his guitar. Id love to see my neighbors walking by, smiling and saying hello.

Today I slow down for God, life and me. Today I am ok with going slowly through my day and enjoying it all. Taking in every savory bit life has to give me.


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