my day in a story (something a little new)

Early morning, the sun is rising and filling the coffee house with sunbeams.They fall on me softly like a hug embracing me. A couple comes in, chattering away. She is wearing a natural fedora hat. It has a large black ribbon around it. It is tipped to one side. She looks as if she is on a journey. Maybe she is, but right now she is just out for coffee. The guy who is with her is holding her hand gently. He sways their arms back and forth with much affection for her. Interlocking fingers stroking each other.

Suddenly a new man arrives in this story. The two men embrace for a brief moment. The lady just nods at him and awkwardly stands to her boyfriends side. This new man in this scene is many years their elder. A friend of the younger mans maybe? With coffee in hand they all sit at a table nearby. Everyone in this place can hear them laughing and talking about old times together. I am secluded in the corner. They do not even notice me. I have a straight view, stage left, at the entrance to this coffee house. Another gentleman comes into view. In his hands he has headphones and a tablet. He is planning on staying awhile. Is he like me and just needs to get away from his everyday life for a bit of a break. It seems as everyone in here has come to be away from home, fill themselves with caffeine and change their life view if only for a brief time.

Today we are all coffee house characters, me included, all filling our bodies with caffeine to gear up to go back into our lives out of this place in time.Machines clanking and whirling. Espresso being made. Hisssss goes the coffee machines.

Four new characters enter onto this stage. A mom and three children. She is well dressed. Floor length chevron printed skirt. All three kids are following behind like baby ducks. She tucks her hair behind her ears, asks each of her kids what they would like, leaves them in their seats and she gets in line. Everyone, except for the mom, gets a little iced tea. She has a large coffee in hand. With three kids I could see why she would need it.

Mornings almost done and lunch time is coming up soon. The lady with the kids pack up her car. All three kids in safety seats and ready to go in this huge black SUV. Their roll in my morning play is short. Supportive players really.

I watch outside the window that I am sitting next to. I see a couple at a table outside drinking their coffee. I can not tell if they are a couple. They do not touch. Both of them are in work out clothes. I imagine that is where they just came from, the gym. I do not know. They do, but I am not asking.

Another lady enters with a backpack. She strains to put it down. Laptop inside with many extremely large school books. She is planning on staying for a long time, probably till she gets her schoolwork done. She sits at a large table by herself. She needs to be near an outlet for her laptop. She gets a coffee and digs right into her school work. She has a Bluetooth set around her neck and starts talking, I think she is talking to herself. She smiles at me and I realize she is on the phone.

The machines hiss and whirl again and snap me out of smiling with her. Steam shoots out of the machines and you can see it hang on top of the machine like a cloud looming over everyone in the coffee shop. More coffee is being made, more espresso, more frapps. Everyone comes in to get their fix of caffeine or are they just like me and taking a life break.

The microwave beeps and as if right on cue my friend enters with a smile. I remember I am not alone. I have a friend to keep me company in this coffee house stage. At least until we both need to return to our real lives outside this coffee house.


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