so I always say a peach is a peach, but apparently I am wrong. Lane Southern Orchards has to many varieties to name. I played tourist today with my friend and we toured the farm. We were the only ones on the tour and our tour guide was an elderly man who loves doing the tours. He was so sweet to us. As we got in our tour seats, he sliced a peach and gave us pieces. I say a tour that starts with a dripping sweet Georgia peach is peachy with me. (sorry couldnt resist)

We drove around the whole farm and learned that you cannot pick a tree till it is in its third year. Also they are now letting the trees grow taller and ladders need to be used now to pick. Some of the Pecan trees we saw were 75 yrs old. We learned about the workers from Mexico and saw their housing and store.

We drooled over many peaches, so wanted to share some photos with you from today's tour. We have a lot of fun, got a slice of a peach, an experienced tour guide and then went inside to see (again) how they are brought in and washed and shipped and all the in-betweens. hehehe

I love Georgia peaches,but I love learning about everything that goes into something that takes a lot of hands involved to grow. If you have a chance this weekend, play tourist in your hometown and share with me what you did in a comment.

Happy Weekend,,hope you have some peaches to enjoy!!

Georgia Peaches :D


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