Sunday Stories 2

It turned into a long night last night, which made the morning late. I ended up missing church and I had them to blame. I realized something, it wasn't the lateness I was mad at, it was the rhythm on my day being off. What I normally did on a Sunday was now gone. I had two choices , either to dwell on it and ruin my day or make brunch as it was so late in the morning. I went with brunch. Pulling eggs and flour and everything together to make pancakes I set in to cook brunch for my sleepy Sunday bunch. Having them here is a blessing.

Brunch was a success and shortly after everyone was on their way,except me. I was home. I was staying. I wasn't even stepping outdoors today. I was ok with that. I realized I could read a book, relax, get some laundry done and enjoy my lazy sleepy Sunday and go with the new flow. I learned to move along with life today. That is a giant step for me. I took a large glass of sweet tea, my book and took a deep breath and relaxed today.

Sundays I zoom out the door to church. I then go to the coffee house. I then write. Its my Sunday date with myself and the one time I make a pact with myself to write. I am slowly setting up times to write. I have stopped reading writing books and I have started writing. I think the last writing book hit home and so now I write more than read. I strive to capture my day. My everyday existence in a larger capacity.

I had a slow Sunday. I had family around. I am loved. I read a book and just did laundry and nothing much more. I slowed down for me, even at home. Right now what am I doing? Writing of course. I am going to try to do Sunday stories weekly. If you do not see a post on Sundays you can tell me I am slacking. You have my permission. School starts up in a month and I am going back full time for the second year in a row. I will be a Senior at the end of 2014 and I want to absorb all I can. Knowledge, for sure, but I want to teach kids how to write, I want to inspire youth. I want to branch out more than just school work. Which I might say is hard since its a full time job going to school.

I hope today you all took time with family and friends. Enjoyed your Sunday. I know that I for one certainly did.

Happy Sundays friends

PS Watched the world cup. I have previously lived in Germany and was rooting for them!! Go Germany!!!!


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