Sunday Story 4

So its another Sunday and time for another story. Pull up a chair, grab a blanket, come gather round. I have put on a pot of tea and made some scones. Come enjoy a little short story. :D

 Sunday Story #4
She was sitting by the window of the coffee shop. It was just another Sunday, right? Another coffee shop? Another time she spent alone? This time was different. She was in Seattle for research for her new book and was not familiar with this coffee shop. He had picked it for them to meet.

The weather was showing how she was feeling on the inside with its dark and feverish sky. She was anxious about her meeting and the sky reflected it. The clouds came in quickly just like her anxiety did.  Her mood and this weather scared her and in her walked. The guy who she would be meeting to discuss her book with.

She thought her heart would stop.He was so good looking. He had dark skin, maybe Italian and dark hair, maybe he was Greek; whatever he was he was nothing short of gorgeous. She caught her breath in her throat and tried to say hello. Her breathing was so spastic that she could feel the air hit her lungs. He had walked right up to her with all the confidence in the world and introduced himself. She began to breath normal again and got up as gracefully as she could. Her heel got stuck on the stool and she tripped right into his arms. He caught her, said hello again, she said hello back embarrassed at her tripping.

Her heart started racing again the minute his arms were around her. She was relieved to feel his was racing at this instant too. He was just as anxious as her, but was hiding it well. She realized there was now more to this meeting then getting a publisher for her book. She knew she could fall in love.

Something a little different. I am trying out my writing here for now.I hope one day to turn my short stories into longer versions, put them all together and publish them. Now if they happen to be published by a Seattle guy who is hot, who am I to argue with logic ;)

Happy Story Sunday,
Debbie, your story weaver :D


  1. Wonderful! So nice to see your talent in writing in addition to your gift with photography!


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