Love, music, poetry and men

I recently read a book that said to forgive people, because you weren't hurting them by not forgiving them, you were hurting yourself. You take up space in your heart with anger and by forgiving them you made room for love. Love comes in many forms. You could love a new person certainly, but you can love more activities or books or new outings, or just about anything else. The key was you had room to fill. You could enjoy more in life cause you had room in your heart for something new. Something happy. Something wonderful.

Recently a friend who I love came back into my life. He is a great guy and I have been friends with him for a very very VERY long time. (not telling you how long cause in my head I'm young) We don't always keep in touch (just like everyone else), but when we talk it is if we did not miss a beat with each other. At one point we had a falling out and it took time and forgiveness on both our parts to piece the friendship back together. I can not imagine my life though without him in it.

With forgiveness being a big part of my life lately, I noticed something, I have more room for loving my friends. I love music about love, poetry about love, my heart is finally open. It took my friend coming back into my life for me to realize I want to love and feel loved again. Even in our friendship he is strong enough to catch me if I fall. Though he will tell you differently. You know we all just don't give our own selves enough credit when it comes to our friends and what we would do for them.

For those of you who know me offline, you know I have poo pooed all over love for over a decade. I have said I don't need a man and I still stand by it, but I realize I miss being in someones arms. I miss a strong guy around me. I would love to have a guy who is mentally strong enough to catch me when I fall. I have started writing more about love and listening to songs I can imagine dancing with a man too and just being silly together. I want someone to make me laugh and me to make him laugh.

 I think this friend coming back into my life just made me realize (thought him and I are just friends) that men are not Satan. All men are not out to hurt me. Just like all my friends are there to catch me when I am not strong enough. We are all part of this community called life. We need to love each other more. Don't remember what I was reading the other day, but it said to tell everyone you love that you love them. Let me say, half of my friends thought I was nuts. Honestly though, what do you want them to remember about you,,,you being nuts with I love you's or you arguing and being ugly with them.

As you go through this week be the person you want to meet. Be the person you would be friends with or in love with. Like Ghandi saying to be the change you want to see in the world,, I am saying be the love you are missing in the world. Press onward with hope and happiness. If you think I am sappy I am ok with that. Enjoy life and don't forget to love in it MORE!!!



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