Connections: That which ground us, but lift us up!

In our daily life we agree to meet with many different people. We agree to go to meetings, coffee, friends houses, and many other meet ups. I think we agree to all these meet ups because we like the connections. Do we need to connect? I think so. If all you wanted to do was talk to someone couldn't you just make a phone call? *which by the way, still a connection* As human beings we yearn to connect. We yearn at our basic core to feel a connection without judgement. To have people in our lives who accept us as we are.

Sometimes we overload connect. We meet up with to many people. We agree to do to much. And let me say I will be the first to admit I was guilty of this too. It took me many years to say no without feeling horrible about it. Now I limit who I see, what I do, and what groups I become involved with.

A recent new favorite Buddha saying has pointed out to me that we need more calming people. We need friends who connect with us on a deeper level and we need to weed out the others. I have cleaned out my friends before. I have picked who I will continue on life's journey with and who I will not. There are people in your lives for only a minute and there are the others that are there forever. The connection we have with each is important. Each person comes to connect to you and you to them and it does not depend on how long they are in your life. I have had friends come and go. I have had other friends who have an open heart and to me seems like a revolving door of people in their lives. Each person connects to others in different ways.

Connections are, I believe, what grounds us in life. Our friends don't bring us down, but lift us up. We connect our people like connecting dots and these people-dots are what makes our life come full circle. We choose who we want in our lives. We choose who can be in our hearts, in our lives, in our circle.

Life is full of connections and community. Its not the activity you decide to do with someone. It is the sitting in the calm with each other. It is the holding of hands. The learning on a friend. It is the laying your head on their shoulder and knowing you can cry. We each have our own way. May your connections be what ground you and life you up, and what keeps you feeling filled in love. As the Dalai Lama said, "Only the development  of compassion and understand for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek".

We all seek connections. We all yearn to be loved, understood and feel safe. We all are connected. I hope, especially at this time of year when so many of us deal with depression, that you know I am feeling my connection to you my readers. May you feel my yearning for you to be happy and connected in life. I hope your heart is filled with love and open to new connections.

Connection:that which grounds us to this earth, but also that which lifts us up in life. May you find your connection, your space, and your love and people.

Healing Blessings,

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