Her Life

 So I was at the coffee house the other day and saw this lady. This poem is about her. I thought what her life might be like. I thought why she was sitting alone and just looking into her coffee as if she was actually looking through it. She seemed to sad. I hope you like this poem even though its a bit depressing. I have been so closed off for so many years that I was opposed to love. I hear you all saying, "how can you be opposed to love?". Well you close yourself off, you wall your heart in, and you keep people from seeing the real you, the true you, and you do it for so long that you do not even know love or how to love anymore. I could see sadness in her eyes and I imagined it from a broken heart. I imagined her sadness being connected to a broken heart and this poem poured out of me.

Her Life,,, by Debbie Ealer

She sat at the coffee shop,
absorbed in her thoughts.
She wondered about her life,
alone in her thoughts she felt
so far away from reality.

Thursday came so quickly,
a hardened heart followed.
Life had kicked her in the teeth,
she needed coffee to feel her pulse.

Caffeine fueled, she left the coffee shop,
but felt no better.
Now what was she going to do?
There was no going home again.

Life seems to be a never ending loop
she thought, suffering, highs and lows,
all her moods, would it never end.
How could my life hurt so much,she thought,
Falling down a hole of hell.

Her soul felt fragmented,
she was a shell of what she used to be.
If only she could forgive.
If only she could move forward,
life hurt her to the core and she tried
to love, but she was held back by pain.

Forgive, move on, Love?
How could she be so open and allow
herself to be so vulnerable? If only she
could protect herself, by a shell or a shield.

She sat, looking into her coffee, sad,
still no drinking it, but trying to find the
answers in her foam.             
Her mind racing, people all around her,
but she cannot see anything other than her misery.

Vulnerability let her find love,
it also allowed her to be crushed.
Could she remain free and open?
Could she find love and happiness again?
Could she ever allow love back in?

Well yeah that's a bit depressing, but that's what came out of me watching her. Life is not all butterflies and kittens as my friend says.  I hope you liked it and hope it moves you to think about the people you see daily. The ones you do not know. The ones who might be going down a hole into hell and a friendly smile might help. Think about all the ways you can help spread kindness and I bet you will touch many unhappy souls.

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