In honor of National Poetry month... a new poem titled " Lost in him"

So this is a poem I wrote about a bunch of differnet experiences about love tied into one poem. It seems to stop us in our tracks.... Love. It seems to catch up in such a way we lose part of ourselves sometimes, which of course is not a healthy relationship,but im sure that is another poem.

So I feel like love is a fragmented issue in my life. It comes and never stays. I have been in love a few times in my life and then I am alone again. I think I prefer the alone. I like to not weigh others down with traveling with me, or having to do what I like. On the other hand maybe I havent found the right person yet.

Love comes in many forms and shapes and I hope everyone at least has love in their life if even just for a few fleeting moments.

So here is Lost in him

the wind touched her cheek ,

she knew she missed him.

the sound of his heartbeat

reassured her , she was not alone,

but now he was gone and she was one again.


mislead by her own feelings of love,

standing out on her own ledge, hearing her own heartbeat,

beating so loud that she could swear she could hear it die,

how did she not notice the anger, the hurt words,

the negativity that surrounded him and now her.

how did she lose so much of her happiness in him?


connected through a thread of history,

fragmented pieces allowing her to be who she has become.

alone in love, just this one, so much sorrow now,

the tears flow freely as she knew she had to move on.


she thought she would try love one last time,

he held her hand in his all the time as if saying,

you are my love, but  he let go and she fell,

she fell to her knees and instead of thanking God

for allowing her to love, she cried till her soul was empty.


she learned her lesson, she should be happy she loved again,

all she can see is wasted time, moments flying by her as if she

was standing still and the minutes hitting her in the face,

smacking her over and over, saying why waste time on love.


how could see hurt so much? how can she feel so empty inside?

It was a short relationship, but somehow it was true love, somehow

it was filled with a lifetime; somehow she gave it her all,

And she still lost in love.
So every views love differently, but I hope you enjoyed the poem. Happy National Poetry month!!
your storyteller/poet


  1. Yes enjoyed it.
    See my words at:

  2. Thank you Debbie for commenting on my blog. I have been very lucky in love myself. Forty three years and we are still there. In fact it is better than ever now.

    1. that is amazing!! my grandparents were married 58. True love is a blessing. I am divorced, but happy :D Two kids :D


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