New Poem: My Favorite Place

So there are moments in time which you wish you could freeze, when in fact they are so amazing because they do not last forever. As a writer I strive to capture moments in words and this one came to me the other day about my favorite place, which is obviously in someones arms.

My Favorite Place by Debbie Ealer

My favorite place is in his arms,
where it is warm, where it is safe.
Where I feel loved,
there is no other place like this.

I am enraptured with this feeling
of peace and serenity.
I am enclosed in the strength of his love.
I love this place. I yearn to be in it more.

It is a sacred place.

A place where I go to find my calm.
A place where I go to be alive.
A place where I go to be accepted.
A place where I go to be with him.

In his arms, in that place,
it is a wonderful, wonderful place.
The feeling that I can be vulnerable,
the feeling that I can be open,
That sacred place in my heart,
that sacred place in his.

That place in his heart.
That place in his arms.
I love that place.

Thank you for reading my work and I appreciate each of you stopping by. I am still striving to remain open. This, I realize, leaves me open to hurt. I think though if we do not allow ourselves to be truly open to someone than we can not truly be with them. As I have been told recently I am fierce with my emotions, I have to say to that I am OK with that. I place out in the universe truths about myself, my heart, my life, and I hope not to be crushed. I love with all my heart anyone I am with, all my friends, all my family. It is how I am. I refuse to let life shut me down, throw me away, and watch others live. So to the person who this poem is about. I love you always. You are my best friend and for you I am truly thankful today.

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  1. is something you might want to check out. I am doing blogging from A to Z and many of the posters do all their posts before April so they can visit with others. Frankly, I will be glad for April to be over since I have written only half my posts. lol. Take care.

    1. Thank you for the info. I will def look into it :)


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