So more Poems?

You know you all wanted to hear some more of my poetry. It is called Debbie is putting off writing a really hard paper for college. So here is one,not sure if I have shared before but it is called My Voice

My Voice

My voice is the whisper I leave behind when I am gone,
My words are the truths I know and the pains I carry.
My words are the lessons learned,
they are the best version of me.

My spoken word is a remnant of me after I have left you,
These words will fill your soul with my peace.
They will leave kindness and joy behind,
after I am gone.

The wind carries my words across the skies,
they fall on ears that need them. 
They float as if to say to someone, 
I am here for you!

My words, they summon up courage and grace from deep inside,
they bring back hope in the fear and let light into the darkness.

My words are just words,
but they can cut someone without me using a blade.
They have power of good and evil in one sentence,
it depends on what I say.

My words are bold and loud,
my words are soft and soothing.
My words are a gentle push
or a shove into a right direction.

My words are just words,
but put together with a person hearing them,
My words, 
they have great meaning. 

With that I bid you all a happy Sunday.
your poet,storyteller


  1. Your words are... Lovely...
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