When you just feel like crying

There is life and then there is LIFE. You have your everyday movements,the people you constantly see, your friends, your family, and then there is LIFE, which kicks you in the butt, which drags you down, which sucks you into the great abyss with no rope or ladder.

I have noticed though that when LIFE gets to be to much, I take to writing. I am an English major who has almost finished her B.A., but it is the creative writing that gets my soul flowing, my life back on track and my dishearten heart back in line. There is this lifeline called writing.

Writing frees the mind and soul to wander around on a blank piece of paper (or website if you are writing online) Writing allows us to be vulnerable without getting hurt. There is no judgement in our writing and it allows us to wallow. It allows us to shift through that LIFE and get back on track. Why do us writers need to write?

Our souls are sensitive. Our mind are absorbing words and LIFE in grand amounts. Our heart works in different ways. We need to absorb and when we are full, we write. When we hear words, we write. When we drift in and out of LIFE, we delve into ourselves and seek refuge in words we construct into sentences. We write to free ourselves from the voices in our heads.

We write because we feel so deeply. We make ourselves open to love, to LIFE, to being exposed to hurt. We want to feel everything LIFE has to offer and we feel it from the tips of our finger tips to the blood flowing inside of us. We write to let out some of that pain, to let out some of those words, and those thoughts that we feel deeper than other non-writers.

Writing is a way to free ourselves from the bonds of LIFE. We settle on the page to strut across and just devour the page up. We live to feel the thoughts flow from our minds and onto a place where others can read. We feel disheartened when we cannot write. We feel stifled and the ideas brew and harm our souls if they do not come out.

Writing is an art form. We make this beautiful thing from words. We create worlds, people, scenes, emotions, images, things other cannot even dream of. We connect with these imaginary places on such a deep level that we cannot even explain. As we create we give birth to new pieces of us. We send them out into the world and hope they survive and stand on their own. We feel a panic as a mom would sending her kid to school on their first day. We struggle to avoid getting hurt, but you know what, we will get hurt. Not everyone will like what we wrote, but it is our art and it is being birthed into the world.We wonder if we are good enough, ready enough, brave enough?

As I write this so much of my emotion is on the page. So much of me. But with all great pieces you leave part of you, you leave your mark on the world (or at least you hope so) Being a writer is a great thing. It is LIFE at its meanest, but also at its best. We can take our emotions of the mean LIFE and turn it into something that fits into our life.(being the nice one) We have the freedom as writers to write what we want. We may feel connected with certain topics, but a great writer can write on any topic.

I hope you soul writers will agree with me when I say, " Write badly, write often, just write something". You need not be Shakespeare, you need not be Emily Dickinson, you need to be you. You have this amazing voice and you need to share your gift with the world. And with that I leave you till next time.

Just write your soul and others will love it.
Your writer/storyteller

PS and when you just feel like crying...write!


  1. What has surprised me the most in writing my blog is the opinions I have. Writing allows you to explore an idea.

    1. That it does Ann. I strive to encourage people. I see the blog as an avenue to be real, to write what matters to me and others in an honest way, so others know they are not alone.


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